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Innovative performance fertilizers  

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ICL leads the way in innovative crop nutrition solutions to increase nutrient use efficiency and help you grow more with less.

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Compatible with leading crop protectants and herbicides, our superior-quality fertigation and foliar solutions provide precision plant nutrition for crops at any stage of growth.  

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Optimizing yield and input cost with flexible, multi-purpose products is a critical part of meeting the needs of today’s progressive growers. Our local team of agronomists and product specialists work are here to help. Connect with us to learn more about our range of crop nutrition solutions.  

Introducing four new foliar and fertigation solutions for every stage of growth.  

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mitigate nutrient deficiencies 

alleviate plant stress 

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N-P-K + micros

won’t clog nozzles 

Foliar and fertigation solutions for every stage of growth  

Nova FINISH is high potassium nutrient solution with a full micronutrient package to help your crops finish on a high note.   

  • Application: fertigation + foliar
  • Stage: ideal for late in the crop growth cycle
  • Unique Benefit: helps support grain fill and sugar movement
  • Analysis: 8-12-40 + EDTA chelated micronutrient package
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Introducing our newest Nova fertilizers  

Nova PULSE is a cutting-edge P-K foliar fertilizer plus micronutrients to help keep your finger on the pulse of N-fixation. 

  • Application: foliar
  • Stage: ideal for vegetative stages of growth
  • Unique Benefit: designed for legume crops, helps improve nodulation and nitrogen fixation
  • Analysis: 0-6-4 + Cobalt, Molybdenum, and Zinc

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Nova ELEVATE is a unique cobalt and molybdenum foliar fertilizer to improve nitrogen efficiency and help take your crops to the next level.  

  • Application: foliar
  • Stage: any time, especially key reproductive transitions
  • Unique Benefit: improves nitrogen-use efficiency (NUE) and reduces plant senescence, especially in plants with high trace element demands
  • Analysis: 1.2 Co + 26 Mo
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Nova FLOW is a highly soluble alternative to magnesium nitrite to meet your late-season crop nutrition needs with N-P-K essentials, plus magnesium, sulfur, and boron. 

  • Application: foliar 
  • Stage: ideal for late-season growth, reproductive stages
  • Unique Benefit: supports reproductive stages, sugar movement, and grain/fruit fill
  • Analysis: 5-10-20 + 9Mg, 11.7S, .5B 
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