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We are ready for a sustainable future now! 


  • Biodegradable release technology for sustainable farming  
  • Increases Nutrient Use Efficiency up to 80%  
  • Reduces nutrient losses to environment up to 50%
  • Provides higher or similar yields with reduced fertilizer rates
  • Reduction in number of fertilizer applications 
  • Consistent and predictable nutrient release, steered by soil temperature 
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Reduced nitrogen losses to the environment

Proven performance 
in field trials 

Increased Nitrogen Use Efficiency and yield in rice production

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 Once applied in the soil, moisture penetrates the biodegradable coating and reaches the nutrient core 

The coating shell degrades in soil, into CO2 and water, offering a sustainable solution for future farming 

  Influenced by soil temperature, nutrient solution is released day-by-day through the biodegradable coating thus reducing nutrient losses to the environment   

  Nutrient inside starts to dissolve and begins to release back into the root zone by diffusion  

How does this work?

ICL is proud to announce eqo.x, its biodegradable release technology that brings Controlled Release Fertilizers to a new era. This innovative technology for soil grown crops will help farmers to maximize their crops performance and reduce its footprint. eqo.x reduces nutrient losses and increases nutrient use efficiency. It will be the release technology for our brands Agrocote, Agromaster and Agroblen.  

44% higher NUE in potato production

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New biodegradable CRF coating technology

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