ICL Controlled Release Fertilisers

Reducing Nitrogen Volatilization

Most losses through volatilization happen directly after a fertiliser is applied to the field, but the coating of a controlled release fertiliser ensures that ammonia gas losses are minimized. Research has proven that controlled release urea can reduce nitrogen losses through volatilization by at least 40%.

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Potash and phosphate fertilizers

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ICL Controlled Release Fertilisers


Slow or controlled release fertilisers help grow better quality crops, in a more efficient and sustainable way.

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What is CRF

Continuous supply of nutrients to match the demand of the plants growth requirements.

Controlled release fertilisers (CRF) are granules covered with a semi-permeable coating (a kind of membrane) which regulate the nutrient levels through the plant's growth cycle.

  • Fewer applications
  • Reduced leaching
  • Improved NUE
  • Environmentally friendly

Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency
CRF is considered the fertiliser technology with the highest nutrient use efficiency. CRF products ensure all the nutrients are actually utilised by the plant, which is key to optimising yields. 

Increase Yield and Quality
ICL trials have shown significant increases in both yield and quality. Grow your profits with fewer applications and less fertiliser input.

Helping towards net zero
40% less fertiliser use compared to conventional farming practice, with reduced volatilization and leaching of nutrients into water sources.

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Just one application
One single CRF application of is sufficient to feed a crop for an entire growing season. Conventional fertilisers require multiple applications and are more susceptible to leaching. Save time and money.

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  • 100% coated nitrogen
  • Replaces multiple fertiliser inputs with a single application
  • Crop focus: Potatoes, open field vegetables and maize.
  • 100% coated NPK 
  • Ideal for establishment of young plants 
  • Crop focus: New plantation for soil grown soft fruit, top fruit and vineyards. 
  • Uniform combination of coated and uncoated nutrients
  • Higher or equal yield with less fertiliser input
  • Crop focus: Open field vegetables, potatoes, top fruit and vineyards.


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ICL efficiency fertiliser types:

Slow release fertilisers (SRF)
Slow or prolonged release fertilisers will gradually release their nutrients over time, regardless of conditions.

Controlled-release fertilisers (CRF)
Controlled-release fertilisers work when the soil temperature and moisture are high enough, feeding plants nutrients as and when they need it.

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