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The new nitrogen-coating shows an improved nutrient release pattern and breaks down very quickly once all nutrients are released. This first-of-its-kind, patented technology is compliant with future (EU) fertilizer regulations and will help turf managers and greenkeepers to lower their carbon footprint while maintaining high quality turf areas. 

Strong, high performing turfgrass
Your turf is stronger, consistent, greener, and more resilient

Benefits: what’s in it for you

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Future-proof turf management with ICL’s new biodegradable coating for CRFs 

Behind the R&D scenes - Developing the first-of-its-kind biodegradable CRF coating 

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Less fertilizer needed
Save time and costs as fewer applications are required

Compliant with future regulations
In compliance to strict future EU regulations

Improved nutrient release
Reliable, consistent, matching the plant needs over a longer period

Lower carbon footprint
Less nutrient losses to the environment thanks to controlled release of nutrients

The future of sustainable turf management starts here! ICL proudly introduces the new, revolutionary, fully biodegradable coating technology for its controlled release fertilizers (CRF) in turfgrass: eqo.s® technology.  

Revolutionary fast breakdown
The fully biodegradable coating breaks down very quickly, leaving no trace behind

Keep your tees, outfields and sports pitches in top condition with ICL’s premium quality controlled release fertilizers Sierrablen and Sierrablen Plus. Both brands have a proven release performance that is consistent and reliable in all weather conditions. Sierrablen and Sierrablen Plus are the first to be available with eqo.s technology. Our other brands (Sportsmaster CRF, ProTurf) will follow later this year. 

Sierrablen and Sierrablen Plus: 
soon available with eqo.s! 

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