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Spring Blueming is a horticultural industry initiative in support of the overall health and well being of everyone who has worked through the pandemic. The positives of gardening and gardens has never been more important to the health and wellbeing of the community, and the resultant increased demand for our products has put unprecedented pressures on production nursery staff and owners alike.

ICL invites businesses to host a personalised event to thank their staff at their convenience, anytime in the week beginning the 14th November. Please sign-up as a means of registering your business’s participation for the event and more information will be emailed to you soon.

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From New Zealand Jack Hobbs
Manager, Auckland Botanic Gardens

Register your organisation and become the ambassador for the event at your nursery.

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Week commencing 23rd October, 2023

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From Australia Joanna Cave 
CEO, Greenlife Industry Australia

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From New Zealand Jack Hobbs

From Australia Joanna Cave

We will be in contact with more information and organise a Spring Blueming ambassador pack for you.

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"We have been part of the Spring Blueming programme here at Overland Nurseries for the last two years. We don’t believe anyone needs to face their issues alone in this great country of ours Australia. There is always someone around you that you can talk too."

Brent Tallis, Sales Manager,
Overland Nurseries NSW

"The Spring Blueming event is a popular event on the staff calendar at Oasis each year.  Not only is it a great excuse for our teams to come together as one to raise funds for a great cause, but it creates an opportunity for everyone to discuss good mental health habits and provides an important platform for conversations between all staff in our business."

Kathy Hills
on behalf of David Jakobs and the Oasis team NSW

Messages from previous Spring Blueming events

An online fund 

raising event

“Being in a seasonal business it is always go go go.  An acknowledgement to staff and to ourselves about the importance to check in on how others are feeling is vital.  The Spring Blueming initiative reminds you to take a pause with your staff and to do just that”.

Caroline Elliott, Elliotts Wholesale Nursery NZ

"Creating a positive mental health environment in our work place is more important than ever. We love being a part of the Spring Blueming event as it is a great way to say thank you to our team, and also to raise funds to support Beyond Blue and their work helping to deal with anxiety and depression in the community."

Ross (left) and Alec Hooper, 
Zanthorrea Nursery WA

Jason Scroop, 
Poplar Grove Wholesale SA: 

“Spring Blueming lets us stop just for a moment, enjoy what we do and what we achieve in the nursery. Understand our hard work benefits the community by providing passive enjoyment and mental health improvement though working with plants. It has also helped our employees “normalize” mental health and allowed people to open up in a group situation or with each other. It has made the group here at Poplar a lot closer and the feeling of a genuine family.”

"It's important to press 'pause' on life and check in with yourself and your team.  Mental health is a creeper you don’t recognise the chance, so its important that others do.  Spring Blueming is a great time to take a moment with your team and reinforce the value in looking out for each other.  
Life is like a team sport, when your mate gets injured you help pick them up."

Mike Cato (3rd left), manager, Icon Trees NZ

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