5th generation
With over 50 years of experience and continuous development, Osmocote 5 is the 5th generation of innovative Osmocote controlled release fertilizer. 

NutriMatch-Release technology
For an NPK release pattern that matches the plant’s needs closer than ever before. It makes the uptake and use of the applied plant nutrition even more efficient and effective.

Optimizes the availability of trace elements in the growing media and their uptake by plants. Resulting in the best possible leaf color and growth, and greater resilience.

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Innovative technologies for improved plant quality

Small granule,
big impact

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Meet the next generation of controlled release fertilizers: Osmocote 5.

The future of stronger and healthier plants is hidden in each of its small granules. With ingenious OTEA-system and brand new NutriMatch-Release technology, growers get access to an advanced level of plant nutrition, offering exceptional plant growth and leaf color.

  • Rich leaf color thanks to the OTEA-system‘s groundbreaking trace-element delivery
  • NutriMatch-Release technology gives plants nutrients exactly when they need them, resulting in healthier plants with better branching, earlier budding, and deeper leaf color
  • NutriMatch-Release technology promotes steady plant growth for greater disease resistance
  • Osmocote 5 closely follows plant growth, making it very safe to use
  • Each bag of Osmocote 5 is identical for optimum consistency

Why to choose Osmocote 5:

Better leaf color:
In this video ICL scientist Ben will be showing you how Osmocote 5 achieves even greener plants.

Quality at the moment of sale
How does using Osmocote 5 result in perfect plant quality at the moment of sale? Take a look in this video.

Strength & resilience
Uniformity and steadiness of nutrient release are key to plant health. In this video we put plant resilience to the test.

Benefits of Osmocote 5

Five- star growth over time. This 5th generation programmed release fertilizer technology provides your plants with sustained, safe, and efficient nutrients over your required longevity period. Achieve the best possible plant color, health, and growth by optimizing the availability and uptake of trace elements with the OTEA-system.

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Like every Osmocote innovation, Osmocote 5 has undergone rigorous testing in various locations across the globe prior to its introduction. ICL conducted multiple field trials in Europe and even Australia. The trials were carried out in different ways, climatic conditions, using different crops, potting mixtures, longevities, application methods and rates. Independent European research stations and demo trials at growers have validated the results gathered in the trials at our own field-trial stations.

Everyone agrees: Osmocote 5 offers big impact! 

Hans Orths, Australia

Hans Orths of Orths Nursery decided to trial Osmocote 5 in four different Gardenia varieties. Hans: "We were keen to see if we could gain any benefits from Osmocote 5." Hans noticed the first differences within 8 weeks, but the real difference became visible about six months into the trial.

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Tried, tested and approved

Franco Maimone, Italy

Oleander nursery Vivai del Mela on Sicily achieves uniformity and quality thanks to advanced technologies and fertilizers. Co-owner and production manager Franco Maimone was keen to trial Osmocote 5. Franco: "This is a chance for us to apply less fertilizer and still maintain high quality plants." 

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Thorsten Lüers, Germany

Lüers nursery produces around 1.6 million Calluna Vulgaris of 40 varieties each year. As one of their main crops, it was the obvious choice for the Osmocote 5 trial. Thorsten Lüers: "Two extreme rainfall events this summer, just two weeks apart, were a major stress test for the Osmocote 5 trial." 

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